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Live Tweeting

Live Tweeting

Conferences tend to suffer from one of two problems: either no one is tweeting and therefore the super-connectors that populate Twitter are not hearing about your conference, or everyone is tweeting and the conference doesn't have the manpower to provide support to attendees and provide a curated stream for both attendees and non-attendees. We can solve both problems by live tweeting your conference, webinar, or other event and setting up a Twitter help desk for your attendees. If you are an attendee or vendor, we can provide various levels of support for your own livetweeting from couching to turning your text message stream to us into live-tweeted curated material for your followers- you worry about the content, we worry about the 140 characters.

Livetweeting starts at $600 / day.  For the highest quality tweets that get you noticed you will want to select a preparation package where we research tweetable material from the speakers and attendees and other special hooks that you can use to wow your followers and get noticed.

Hashtags are available on several platforms other than Twitter, including Google+, Facebook and Instagram. Give use a call or use our automated scheduling tool to set up a free consult about how we can make these social media channels work for you at your next event.