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Patient Information

Patient Information when facing a medical challenge

Patient Information

If you are facing a medical challenge, obtaining clinical research services can put new options on the table.  If your physician does not provide clinical research options and you wish she did, please provide her information about this website. Patients are not always told of their clinical research options.  For example, less than 50% of cancer patients recall being offered information about clinical research.  If you are seeking clinical research options, be proactive about your health care:

  • Make your interest known to your physicians and other medical professionals.
  • Seek out patient advocacy or support groups for your condition and ask them about clinical research options.
  • Seek out clinical research centers or clinical research groups.  These may be outside your immediate community.
  • Search on reputable websites for information about your condition and about clinical trials.


More information about clinical research, including study databases and study alert systems can be found here: – A government website where drug companies are required to list studies and provide study results. – A website for patients provided by a company in the clinical research industry. – A website for patients developed by a company in the clinical research industry which gives you an option to receive information about clinical trials.  - A company that gathers information about clinical trials.

Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation  – A nonprofit organization which provides information for patients and studies issues that affect clinical trial participants.

Clinical Research Performance, Inc. does not advertise studies.